«Syto-Piano Italiano»
Functional furniture for the restaurant

«Syto-Piano Italiano»


providing the restaurant with 180 seats with furniture and other interior details.


60 calendar days.


prototypes of products were developed in accordance with the sketches of designer Eteri Tsintsadze. The absence of the usual design documentation did not become an obstacle for us. We were able to produce high-quality furniture even in such extraordinary conditions.


the products are manufactured and delivered in the specified time.



Restaurant design by Eteri Tsintsadze


It's no secret that furniture for the restaurant is a key link that affects the atmosphere of the establishment, its comfort. Realizing this, it was important for us to have a reliable partner who will not let us down. Will not fail with the terms, manufacturing quality, will always be in touch. In the face of the «Fabrikant» company we found exactly the partner we were looking for. Despite the complexity of the design concept, the «Fabrikant» team managed to take into account all the details and maximally accurately realize the concept of furniture and decor. Well done guys.

Tatyana Ulyanchenko ,
director of «Syto-Piano Italiano» restaurant

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